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Work on the barge started on June 25th 2003 and was set to complete around the end of October 2005, but due to some setbacks with the generator cooling system and also the wheelhouse roof support structure having to be redesigned and changed from wood to stainless steel to overcome some problems, it ran somewhat late.

Work on the barge was finally completed on 11th June 2007, but I suspect there will always be something that needs doing or modifying, as we have already started changing things. Completion was more than a little late for various reasons, and she has now completed several voyages.

The original paint for unknown reasons did not adhere well, so she needs painting again. In September 2015 Iron Dutchess went in to Tristar Boats for repainting. See menu below and Plus Jan Deuchar Sign Painting

I have photographed every stage of the build and posted the pictures here with explanations, as I think it may be useful to anyone else with a similar project in mind.